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Kaname Tosen
Utopia White
Utopia White

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Join date : 2016-04-03
Age : 15
Location : Hueco Mundo

PostSubject: TIME TO BRING SOME LIVELYNESS TO THIS PLACE WITH RP   Sat Apr 16, 2016 11:10 pm

OK guys i decided i would give this a shot

Story: Nordic high is for teenagers who have special "skills" and need to learn to control and enhance these skills to become the world's greatest mercenaries. Nordic high is on a remote island with no access to the outside world other than during breaks you can visit family or receive letters, the school days are mon-friday and one teacher for all the students. There are 5 main areas, The school, the forbidden Ruins, the dorm, the arena, and the fields for sports. The rules of the school are as follows
1. Nobody except staff are allowed in the Ruins, if you are caught there you will be expelled or forced to endure a embarrassing punishment
2. No killing in the arena, anyone who does so will be arrested and expelled
3. Skills are usable for fun, but if it is used for bullying you will be punished
4. Any student that disrespects a staff member will be forced to face everyone in a one vs all students match, if they win, said teacher must give them a free pass on any rule breaking, if they lose, they are punished
5. All students must report to their dorms at 7:00 pm for curfew, dinner is made at 5:00 pm and all students must be in their rooms by 11:00 pm. class starts at 10:00 AM and lasts till 2:00 pm

There are almost no restrictions on characters except standard rules, and there are 5 major roles that only one person can be, Principal, Vice-Principal, Teacher, Dorm headmaster, and Coach. Use the following sheet in the comments to register, if you have any questions, PM me. SHITPOSTING IS STUFF THAT HAS NO RELATIONS TO THE SITUATION OR ONE WORD SENTENCES

Character Sheet:

Skill:(Ex. Psychic powers, fire control)
2nd skill:(if you add another one, you are considered a hybrid)
Appearance:(description or picture)
Good or Evil:
Colored aura(optional):

Will not accept:
overpowered stuff
the stupid and short backstory for the sake of just shitposting
and more than 2 skill types
Stupid skills
No Milk skills (I am looking at you, you know who you are)
Theft of other ideas made from other character sheets (if you really want to have that idea, but someone took it, discuss it with that someone and see what you can do)

Have fun everyone! BTW, i call the role of Principal! Very Happy


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Kaname Tosen
Utopia White
Utopia White

Posts : 44
Rep : 1
Join date : 2016-04-03
Age : 15
Location : Hueco Mundo

PostSubject: Re: TIME TO BRING SOME LIVELYNESS TO THIS PLACE WITH RP   Sat Apr 16, 2016 11:11 pm

Character Sheet: I AM THE PRINCIPAL

Name: DGR
Age: 21
Nickname: Wyvern master
Skill:Controls small wyverns that can combine into a 15 foot long wyvern
2nd skill: can create portals to travel anywhere, or to teleport anyone else
Height: 6'8
Appearance:(description or picture)

Personality: Comedic and relaxed, aura makes everyone calm and their mind is at ease
Good or Evil: Good
Colored aura(optional): Orange
Backstory: DGR was always seen as a "freak" and he was feared by many because if anyone bullied him they seemed to be found eaten alive with only bones left, this was the work of his wyverns that he did not know about till recently, DGR is the incarnate of the Dragon King Ao Kuang from Chinese mythology and is respected for it, this is why these wyverns have undying loyalty to him. He seals these wyverns into seals he can release at will. He carries a scythe that can slice through solid steel and no matter what will returns to his hand. He has a keen eye for talent and has a uncanny liking to hot food. He learned how to control these wyverns, and became one of the most successful mercenaries to ever live before a incident(will be explained if comes up in RP) he wishes to help others feel the enjoyment that he did with that honor. He has always been toyed with through his feelings by girls and has since build immunity to love (or has he? O_O).


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